About Us


The Unity Law House Promises

Unity Law House (Advocates, Solicitors & Consultants) is a full time legal consultancy house established with the objective to provide legal and allied services to its clients belonging to diverse groups.

The Unity Law House was founded by A S Tapader, a young legal professional, has nurtured and conceptualized the idea of setting up a one stop legal and consultancy house herein Assam, well equipped with highly qualified and experienced team of professionals from Law, Audit, Accountancy, Finance, IT and other relevant fields to cater to the legal advisory needs of the business and commercial institutions including Companies, LLPs, Firms, Associations, Societies, Corporations, Government departments, Non-profit Organizations and the most important of all the individual clients in Assam and North East of India.

With tremendous increase in volumes and complexity of business, trade and industrial development beyond geographical boundaries and litigations particularly in Assam, there is a widespread need of full pledged law house to cater the legal and allied services to its clients and having realized, we have visualized this house of highly competent legal and allied consultants and endeavors to facilitate expeditious disposal of disputes through routine legal system as well as through a common informal forum chosen by the parties i.e. Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) and reconciliation.